One of our exclusive jigs, the Tunelator.

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Welcome! Kalimba has opened its doors open for business.  Our first thumb piano kits have been shipped and we are continuing to test new products to add to our offerings. Completed 4 x 9 in cherry with 11 notes All of our kits include box joint joinery for a quality look.

Coming soon:

Piezo kits: Everything you need to amplify your kalimba.

Completed 4 x 7 kit Maple and cherry wood the “Tuxedo” look


Drilled 4 x 7 maple kit 8 note   Order

New: 7/16” Solid Brass Tension Bar

Drilled and counter bored

14 note prototype. Made with wood from a repurposed piano.

Still more work to be done to make this a product.  14 notes is nice, but a little wider and we can get 2 full diatonic octaves.  The top is spruce, softwood is not ideal for kalimbas, the tone is warm but not as focused as hardwood.