Thumb piano kits are available in different levels of completion to suite your skill level and tool availability.  All kits feature all solid wood with box joined sides,  Unassembled kits require some skill and tools, please read the Instructions.

Custom kits available, please call for more information.  


Assembled box Kit:

Includes an assembled box sanded to 120 prepped for final sanding and finish.  Assembly involves placing inserting screws, putting tines in place and tuning.

$ 40.00


Undrilled Kit for a greater challenge or to create a custom spacing


Cherry 4 x 11  


Maple 4 x 7  8 note drilled:

An entry level kit with large comfortable tines, stainless steel tension screws, and all solid maple wood. Box joined sides as on our deluxe kits.  



With Black bolts


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Drilled Kit is a great basic woodworking project.  Does require some tools, but easy enough for most to tackle.  

With Black bolts