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Kalimba kit.com is more then a source for kalimba kits.  While offering parts to create a DIY thumb piano is what we do, the mission is about much more then creating a musical box.  

Robert Renick started making kalimba kits for middle school students he was teaching.  The kits are designed to create a product that exudes quality and success, giving the students a taste of such feelings is a carrot on a stick designed to remain a beacon of what can be done.  

The kalimba in kit form works well for this as the project yields a useful and pleasant instrument that is easy to enjoy.  

While attempting to make kalimbas for sale in local shops, Robert realized something of a glitch or fact in our current economy.  The finish and assembly work added too much labor to sell the product at a cost that make the proper price point to sell.  The conclusion is that I can make the kit, students can assemble and sell a product as a fundraiser, every one wins.  

Our bigger kids can make toys for little kids to support our schools with money that would be spent on Chinese products.

Our students have the opportunity make things that are useful, feel productive, earn money that they can benefit from, and help the domestic economy.